Protecting the Integrity of Climate Science in Schools

Since 2013, Climate Parents has played a lead role in protecting the right of K-12 students to learn climate science in the schools. Partnering with allies such as the National Center for Science Education and the American Association of Science Teachers, we have successfully stopped state-level efforts to block climate science in schools in at least 15 states, including WY, WV, KS, KY and AZ.

In some cases we have worked to ensure that the Next Generation Science Standards--which are world-class science standards developed for K-12 students by the National Academy of Sciences in collaboration with 26 states--are not barred from adoption by state school boards through state legislation or other policies. In others, we have guarded against the actual falsification of accurate climate science being promoted by state school board members or other state officials.

Given that young people are disproportionately harmed by climate change, we believe it’s essential for them to gain a strong foundation in climate science so that they can help innovate the climate and clean energy solutions that are essential to their health and well-being over the course of their lives. Our efforts to move school districts to 100% clean energy is partly rooted in creating pathways for students to understand clean energy as the “new normal” in powering not only their school buildings, but their cities and states. For more information about our work to protect climate science in schools and to promote 100% clean energy school districts, sign-up here and write us at

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